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One Hundred Million Years of Solitude

£1,900.00 Approx $2448.45, €2099.45

Code: 1330


W: 86.5cm (34.1")H: 116cm (45.7")

A large scale rare and unusual lithographic ink wood cut titled: One Hundred Million Years of Solitude by Japanese artist Katsutoshi Yuasa a Royal Academy artist born in 1978.  This work is the 4th of only 5 editions, created in 2009.  All the woodcut preparations for the final lithograph piece are hand cut by Yuasa. The detail in this piece of art is incredible, offering to the viewer images of skeletal aninals, bones, heads and spines,  as if they have been waiting in silence, frozen in time.  Signed on the reverse.

We have have the piece framed under UV glass to preserve the colours. It is in perfect condition with no damage or colour change.