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Japanese Meiji embroidery


Code: 2682


W: 130cm (51.2")H: 197cm (77.6")

A beautifully detailed hand embroidery of a Japanese garden scene.  Recreated to depict a foot bridge over water with iris flowers, bonsai trees, rocks and an enormous flowing wisteria being propped up by bamboo supports, as well as houses tucked away in the distance. It is such a soft and tranquil picture with wonderful muted earthy tones.  And being such an unusually large size you can imagine sitting there amongst it all!  Highly executed in technical detail with many different stitches and knots, to help recreate a layered textural effect.   This is many hours of work from a skilled artisan and is from the Meiji Period c1868-1912 in Japanese history.  It has been later mounted by us on a canvas stretcher so that it can be displayed as artwork.