Huge Antique Castello Branco textile

Huge Antique Castello Branco textile

Code: 2678


W: 170cm (66.9")H: 178cm (70.1")


A huge hand made embroidered silk on linen from the Castello Branco region of Portugal.  These needlepoints were largely produced in small factory like work places that were run by nuns.  The motifs are influenced by the Indo-Portuguese embroideries which were popular at the time, This piece dates from the late C18th to the early C19th.  This textile spread features a central parrot surrounded by foliage, flowers and leaves in subtle colours of pale blue, yellow, creams and greens.  The whole piece has a whimsical feel and delicate ethereal quality to it. It has been stitched to a large frame stretcher so that it can be hung and appreciated as artwork.   A beautifully accomplished piece to enjoy in your home.