Ca d'Oro Venice

Ca d'Oro Venice

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W: 103cm (40.6")H: 80cm (31.5")

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A contemporary unknown artist piece depicting the Ca d'Oro (House of Gold) in Venice, Italy. c1990  It is a photograph laid down onto a fabric with orchid plants in red, green and yellow. 

Ca’ d’Oro is one of the most spectacular palaces in Venice. It has a breath-taking façade with remarkable external decoration and sits on the banks of the Grand Canal.

The palazzo was built mid-fifteenth century in a mix of Gothic and Renaissance style. The building was known as the Ca’ d’Oro, which means “House of Gold” in English. It was called this because the building’s exterior walls were once covered in gold leaf. Currently, the gold leaf has all faded away, but the building’s marble still glistens in the sunlight.