C19th hand embroidered silk

C19th hand embroidered silk

Code: 2343


W: 211cm (83.1")H: 161cm (63.4")


An exceptional hand embroidered silk of large proportions depicting cranes and other birds as well as butterflies amongst a Pine tree, Roses and Chrysanthemums and other flora and fauna. This piece is almost certainly Chinese made for the European market in the C19th.

The incredible amount of detail and work that has created this wonderful textile is remarkable - there are thousands of stitches and often they are highly technical and well accomplished knots that create textures and details as well as an almost 3D effect to bring the birds to life and give them movement within the picture of the piece as a whole.

The colours are also soft hues of pale greens, turquoise, blues, creams and browns and work divinely together to create a calm effect.

The Chinese since ancient times have viewed cranes as an auspicious bird and often they are used in art to symbolise luck and longevity.  Cranes and pine trees together also represent long life and longevity. Chysanthemums were as herb flowers were also believed to have the power of life.

A truely exceptional piece in wonderful condition.